Why Am I Different Than Other Personal Chefs?


Most seasoned personal chefs have a streamlined, efficient process for meal planning and preparation. This translates into a fixed pricing scheme and a framework to minimize weekly time committment (good for the chef and client). Some chefs have formal culinary training, most likely in traditional cuisine, and others are self-taught. They only plan and prep a small number of a client’s overall meals, and a majority are recipe favorites “by request” from the client.

A personal chef’s business objective is to maximize the number of “cook dates” they schedule per day/week (faster they can execute, more they can schedule). Ultimately, as their business grows, they typically hire a crew of chefs to scale the operation and service more clients. Since fixed priced meal preparation is their primary service offering, to be successful, they have to be focused on speed. They market speed to client in the value proposition of “convenience”.  

Here is how Chef Kristin is different:

  • Health Is a Priority & Responsibility - Chef Kristin provides customized meal plans collaborating with the client but all her recommendations are focused on supporting health and wellness. She’ll introduce clients to new healthy meals or transform their favorite recipes with sometimes minor ingredient substitutions that makes it taste delicious but also healthy. She has health-supportive culinary training and is also certified in plant-based and sports nutrition. Chef Kristin is more than a chef, she is a passionate advocate of healthy eating, providing one-on-one education, cooking classes, and sometimes full lifestyle transformation for clients.

  • Specialized Expertise - Chef Kristin’s culinary degree is from the Natural Gourmet Institute, which teaches a curriculum based on progressive and health-supportive food and cooking techniques. She has unique expertise in nutrition and diets that are focused on plant-based, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, food sensitivities, gut health, athletic performance, sibo recovery, low fat, low cholesterol, low salt, diabetic, and high fiber.     

  • Comprehensive Meal Planning and Prep - Chef Kristin prefers to provide a holistic and healthy plan for ALL of a client’s meals. This can include breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides, snacks, dining out, take-out, delivery at home or travel destinations. Regardless if she is only preparing a subset of the meal plan, she’ll provide comprehensive set of healthy recipes, breakdown of ingredients/grocery lists for any DIY meals, guidance for healthy food delivery services, and even interactive Google maps for good options near your work, relatives, or travel destination. Chef Kristin wants to do more to influence your wellness, than just cook you a couple meals. She is passionate about advocating and supporting a healthy lifestyle while providing a practical convenient service to busy professionals and parents.

  • Total Wellness - Chef Kristin puts a very conservative cap on the number of clients she accepts to provide the right level of care and attention. She enjoys and is committed to working directly with all of her clients, has no desire or plans to grow and outsource. Her goal is to build lasting relationships with a smaller number of exclusive clients starting with healthy nutrition and expanding into more holistic wellness that incorporates other components like fitness, sleep, and stress.