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Infusion class focused on cannabis and your favorite juice-ables! Includes an introduction to the fundamentals of cannabis, juicing related glossary, hands-on participation, and infused, fresh pressed juice at the end of class. Each class is 3 hours with 2-6 people.

  • Demonstration
  • Hands-On Participation 
  • Tastings


  • $90 per person/class


  • Sunday July 22nd @ 1pm - SOLD OUT

Email us to inquire about upcoming available dates/times and for private classes (groups of friends/family/co-workers). 

Level 1

  • No prior experience with cannabis, infusions, or cooking is necessary

Included In This Class 

  • All Ingredients, fruits, vegetables, juicing equipment, and aprons
  • Hands-on juicing session including preparation, juicing and measuring
  • Introduction to cannabis and infusion
  • Infused fresh pressed juice samples/tastings

    Cannabis + Juicing-related glossary
    Introduction to Cannabis 101
    Plant Anatomy Session + Handout


  • All Recipes
  • Cannabis Introduction and Plant Anatomy
  • Juicing Benefits and Glossary
  • Photos (sessions and juice using kitchen photography setup)


Lesson and Demo (90 minutes)

  • Cannabis Fundamentals (THC vs CBD)

  • Why raw cannabis is beneficial to our body and health

  • Juicing Glossary

  • Selecting Proper Product

  • Plant Anatomy

Hands-On Juicing (90 Minutes)

  • Finish Prep

  • Juice

  • Presentation