Cooking Class


Class: Cooking With CBD

Date: 11/8/18
Time: 6pm

Price: $125 per person (includes gift of 100mg infused CBD oil jar and butter pad for cooking at home)
Availability: Sold Out

You have heard all the buzz about CBD and it’s medicinal health benefits as a natural remedy for people suffering from sleep issues, stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and inflammation. There is a growing trend of CBD being infused into products, offered at restaurants, and now being used by home chefs (for adults, kids and even to make doggy treats!). This class provides an introduction to CBD, overview of the infusion process, and hands-on cooking with this health-supportive natural ingredient infused in butter and coconut oil. The cooking portion will include measuring/testing potency, substitution, storage, and safety. Each class is three hours, 2-8 people per class. Everyone will get to taste and take home infused goodies and will get a starter set of infused butter and coconut oil with recipes to try out at home.

Carl Smith