Fundamental Culinary Knife Skills - 10/6/18

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  • Y-Peeler

  • Food Made Fresh (this is the company I work for on the weekends, wonderful, fresh food… perfect for busy families)

  • Knife Sharpening

    • I couldn’t the Farmer’s Market guy online, but he should be easy enough to find at the Vista Farmer’s Market on Saturdays at the Courthouse. He’s usually at the end of the first row past all the food stalls.

  • Excellent Vegetarian Sources of Protein (i will keep this high level but please let me know if you have questions or need some more ideas!)

    • You probably hear about “complete proteins” offering all 9-essential amino acids like you get from animal protein. The reality is, you will get all 9 across grains, beans, legumes, nuts and veggies. They do not need to be consumed in a single meal to get all 9. Even a simple duo like rice and beans will fulfill your protein needs!

    • Grains like Quinoa, Teff, Amaranth and Spelt

    • Legumes and Beans -- We love adding a little beans to our meals, especially chickpeas

    • Lentils -- they make great soups and curries!

    • Seeds like Hemp & Chia are easy to add into smoothies, yogurts and on top of other snacks and meals. I also like Spirulina. The color is crazy green, and it’s so good for you!

    • Nuts and other seeds like almonds and pepitas… Try toasting them briefly in a skillet and adding them to your avocado toast!

    • Some veggies like Spinach and Broccoli are also protein packed as are soybeans (Carl’s loves snacking on edamame)

    • We personally also enjoy eggs

    • “Meat” substitutes like tofu, seitan and tempeh are good options in moderation. They have lots of protein, but some people find they’re disruptive to their digestion. Personally, I prefer tempeh!

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