Fundamental Culinary Knife Skills - 11/3/18

Class Materials 

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  • Y-Peeler

  • Garlic Peeler (a bit different than mine with little ridges on the inside for more traction)

  • Honing Steel

  • Avocado Tool

  • Whetstone - This one is the same grit I use (400/1000), the coarser 400 grit allows for a true grinding to the edge and the finer grit does more polishing work. This one also comes with an angle guide to help you achieve the correct angle for your blade!

  • Spiralizer - There are so many options out there! My KitchenAid mixer has an attachment that works great too! Which reminds me…

  • KitchenAid Mixer - My most favorite kitchen tool… Dustin & Patty - I suggest you add this to your wedding registry!!

  • Vista Farmer’s Market - Truly one of the best I’ve been to. There is a guy that sharpens knives at $4 apiece (a great price). He’s usually at the end of the first row past all the food stalls, working out of a white van.

  • Washing Veggies - See some helpful links below. I couldn’t find any information that told me vinegar + food-grade peroxide is best. A lot of these sites say vinegar + salt or just salt are the best solutions (no pun intended). For me, I like the idea of a vinegar + salt solution for leafy greens. I try to buy organic as much as possible and running water over veggies with a good scrub seems suffice for us. We have a purifier below our kitchen sink, so we aren’t adding any water chemicals in our rinse.  If I buy anything conventional, I think I may start using a little vinegar spray bottle nearby… I like that idea! Let me know where you land...

    • - a website I trust… they state that a soak in a 5% (high potency) vinegar (not diluted) takes a lot of the chemicals off. However, that’s a lot of vinegar if you’re using a lot of produce. They also state a 10% salt water soak would achieve similar results.

    • WellnessMama - Some of her content is a little over the top, but I like a lot of what she says. Also has a great podcast.

    • Goodhousekeeping - another (somewhat) reliable source.

  • Oiling a knife blade - I wasn’t able to find nearly anything on greasing the blade of a knife. I suspect this is because 1) it can cause a hazard by making things slippery and 2) it might have an opposite effect with certain vegetables. I think the biggest sticking issues come with garlic, potato and cucumber. Once you get more comfortable and used to chopping veggies, you’ll notice that they’ll fall off the knife with ease as you hit the same place in your knife while cutting. As we discussed, the dimples on a Santoku really help with the sticking issue, especially potatoes. Additionally, I read that mirrored knives have the tendency to stick more. You can fix this by roughing up the side of the knife with a brillo pad (but of course you’ll lose the sheen of the knife… choose your preference I suppose!)

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