Fundamental Culinary Knife Skills - 12/8/18

Class Materials 

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  • Bench/Bowl Scrape - This one is simple plastic like we used in class.

  • Shelf liner - Something like this is great to keep your cutting board in place. It’s washable and reusable!

  • Avocado Tool -In case you’re interested in giving it another shot, Rob

  • Whetstone - This one is the same grit I use (400/1000), the coarser 400 grit allows for a true grinding to the edge and the finer grit does more polishing work. This one also comes with an angle guide to help you achieve the correct angle for your blade!

  • Mary’s Nutritionals - We love the muscle freeze and get pretty good mileage out of the bottles for the cost. They run sales once in a while and you can get a bargain on certain products.

  • Ray Kurzweil - This is the guy I couldn’t bring to mind at the end of the night. We saw him speak with Neil DeGrasse Tyson in NYC. He is an inventor and “futurist” who has made tons of predictions about the future. If you like geeking out with that kind of stuff, you should watch some of his talks. He has made lots of predictions about the singularity and the exponential growth of man/machines. There’s a documentary about him called Transcendent Man.

  • Gerson Therapy - To bring the reference full circle

  • Some unsolicited content regarding SIBO. I’m sharing, not because I know much about this topic aside from what I’ve experienced and my best bud has experienced, but because I imagine it is so frustrating to not be able to get to the bottom of it after such a long time… maybe an answer, or some relief,  lies elsewhere.

    • Chris Kresser blog - I find his expertise to be very reliable. I enjoy his podcast, too. He’s been on the Joe Rogan podcast multiple times as well. Very smart guy.

    • Pubmed has tons of articles. Much of which I can’t access, but even just the high-level info can be helpful to understand the research that is happening

  • To send to Kristin:

    • Garlic mincing tool

    • Almazan Knife

    • AIP Cookbook

    • Moment Lens

    • Tigernut flour

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