< Fundamental Knife Skills


Fundamental knife skills focuses on traditional French and Japanese knife skills. Class includes an overview of different types of culinary knives, their construction and how to hone and sharpen. Each student will have an opportunity to practice these knives skills and the full spectrum of cuts while cooking and creating a full meal. Everyone will participate in creating each item on the menu which is gluten free and vegetarian. Each class is 3 hours with 2-8 people.

  • Chef Demonstration

  • Hands-On Cooking

  • Tastings

  • Full Meal


  • $85 per person/class

  • Minimum 2 people/reservations for class to be activated

Level 1

  • No prior cooking experience is necessary

  • All cooking lessons and kitchen fundamentals are included

  • Learn simple and fun recipes with traditional and emerging cooking techniques

Included In This Class 

  • All Ingredients, cooking equipment, and apron

  • Chef primer including sanitation, safety, and mise en place

  • Introduction to popular Japanese and French cuts

  • Hand-on cooking sessions including prep, cooking and presentation

  • Full meal including appetizer, main course, dessert and non-alcoholic drinks


  • All Recipes

  • Handouts with definitions and cut types

  • Knife recommendations

  • Photos (cooking sessions and food using kitchen food photography setup)



  • Tortilla Chips & Pico de Gallo


  • Quinoa Gado Gado Bowl with Fresh Veggies

  • Pickled Cucumber and Radish Salad

  • Roast Potatoes & Peppers


  • Supreme Oranges in Grand Marnier and Dark Chocolate


  • Water & Iced Tea

  • BYOB


Chef Primer (15 minutes)

  • Kitchen Safety and Sanitation

  • Mise En Place

Cook Plan (15 minutes)

  • Menu

  • Recipes

  • Equipment

Lesson and Demo (30 minutes)

  • Knife Terms and Definitions

  • Types of Knives

  • Knife Construction

  • Buying Knives For Home

  • Knife Cuts demo

Skills Practice (1 hour)

  • Each Guest Tries Different Cuts

Hands-On Cooking (1 hour)

  • Finish Prep

  • Cook

  • Presentation