Gluten Free & Vegan Baking - 10/25/18

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  • Two Recommended Steamers: $23 Oster,  $40 Hamilton Beach

  • King Arthur All Purpose GF Baking Mix (perfect for pancakes!)

  • King Arthur All Purpose GF Flour (for pie crust recipe)

  • Peelers (get ready for Thanksgiving potato peeling!)

  • Cinnamon: This article seems to sum-up a lot of the other information I’ve found regarding the topic. I don’t always agree with things that Dr. Axe writes about, but the information towards the bottom of this article seems helpful based on what we discussed yesterday. I’m not sure about all the health benefits he claims, but there are certainly benefits to blood sugar balancing and some anti-inflammatory effects. Here’s another from CNN.

    • TLDR summary:  Ceylon Cinnamon (the more expensive cinnamon, can be found in Sprouts) is the stuff you may want to look for in terms of greater health benefit and avoiding any side effects.

  • Stuffed Dates Recipe

  • GF Pie Crust Recipe

  • GF Pumpkin Bread Recipe

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