2/15/19 - Simple Plant Based Meals

Class Materials 


  • Y-Peeler
  • Bench Scrape
  • Knife Info:
    • Try out some knives at some place like Williams Sonoma to get a feel for a good length, weight, style for yourself.
    • Wusthof - This is the knife I currently use the most in my rotation
    • Shun - This is my newer knife with the dimples I showed you. Great for veggies!
    • Knives used in class
  • Measuring Cup for angled read
  • Citrus Squeezer
  • All About Chutney - Some answers to our discussion. Seems there’s a lot of differing information and informal agreements as to what chutney actually is.  
  • Himalayan Restaurant - This is the spot I’m dying to try!
  • Cashew Milk Recipe (in recipe doc)

  • Please send over details on:
    • Nepal/Mexican restaurants you mentioned
    • Music Performances - I’d love to come check out your group’s performances sometime!

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