4/12/19 - Gluten Free & Vegan Baking

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Tools From Class

Misc Topics

  • Vitacost - Excellent online shopping resource for dry goods, natural supplements, beauty items and more.
  • Ron & Feed The Soil - Ron is the garden/compost specialist that I had mentioned. His email address is Mccordre@gmail.comhappy to make an intro if you’d like to chat with him about all things compost and gardening!
  • Speed-Ripening Bananas - The microwave offers the quickest option, but I really like the oven example this guy provides in his video… Looks just as efficient and only slightly more time!

Vegan Brands

  • Kite Hill
  • Forager - I love their yogurts!
  • Miyoko’s - Lots of vegan dairy products.
  • Beyond Meat - Though not exactly filled with healthy substitutes, I find Beyond’s burgers and sausages to be a really fulfilling replacements for the meat counterpart.
  • Tasty Bite - Lots of vegetarian and vegan options for a quick and healthy weeknight dinner! All natural ingredients and microwavable pouches. I’ll often saute some extra veggies and add the packet contents into the stove with the extra veg!
  • Vegan Cookies - Michelle, please send the name of the brand you like!

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