4/6/19 - Plant Based Mexican Cuisine

Class Materials 


  • Oven Mit
  • Bench Scrape
  • Heat Resistant Spatulas
  • Lime Juicer
  • Avocado Tool - Don’t get avocado hand!
  • Northgate Market - The best spot for Mexican produce including tomatillos, nopales and dried chilies!
  • Rick Bayless on making homemade tortillas - He’s the best!
  • Korean Jackfruit Bulgogi - Another great way to use jackfruit!
  • Sleep Aid Links - Here are a couple links to items Carl uses to aid in his mission to find sleep (in addition to the THC/CBD edibles I make for him):
    • ChiliPad - Device Carl sleeps on underneath our fitted sheet
    • Mask - Carl wasn’t keen on the idea at first but it’s become one of the most important parts of his sleeping routine
    • Breathing - He doesn’t use this, but has heard it’s popular among the non-sleeping set
    • Spray Magnesium
    • Kava Tea - I love this stuff both in the mornings and evenings to relax.
  • Orange Kitchen Edibles - Amy, my website should provide all you need to know when it comes to using your Indica butter (100mg). If you have any questions at any point, please feel free to shoot me an email! I can’t wait to hear what you make with the butter and if it works for your sleep.
  • Vista Farmer’s Market - AWESOME spot for produce, fresh food, artisan goodies and knife sharpening! I will be there with the Orange Kitchen tent this coming Saturday (8am-12pm), so if you decide to go, please come say hi!!

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