5/17/19 - Simple Plant Based Meals

Class Materials 


Orange Kitchen

  • Orange Kitchen Vegan Baking Class - Let me know if you’d like to sign up! If none of these dates work, we can build a private class on a different date/time.
  • Orange Kitchen Chef Lessons - Including this so you can check out my “pre-culinary school” offering. The curriculum is not plant-based, but you can get a sense of some of the things you’ll learn in culinary school!

Class Follow-Ups

Vegan NYC Restaurants

  • ABCV - Jean-Georges newest restaurant. Opened up just after I left NYC!
  • Cinnamon Snail - Recently opened up a stand at the food hall by Penn Station
  • Little Beet Table - They’re opening up one in Greenwich, CT!
  • By Chloe - Opened by a graduate of my culinary school!
  • Champ’s Diner - Their instagram kills me - looks so good!
  • Dirt Candy - Highly acclaimed. Lots of people from my culinary school class did internships here
  • Jajaja - supposed to be bomb Mexican
  • Superiority Burger - Supposedly THE BEST vegan burger

Gut Health

  • Bastyr University Clinic - I found success for both gut and hormonal issues with a student team here. It took a while and some patience, but we got to the bottom of my issues. They also work in tandem with your regular MD to coordinate treatments and test results, etc.
  • Chris Kresser - Offers tons of resources and has a great podcast.
  • Wellness Mama - Another great podcaster. She brings on lots of knowledgeable and interesting guests. I don’t agree with everything she says, but some of the podcast topics might apply to you.
  • Fibro & Stomach Issues - check out this link of people sharing their experiences with gut issues as a side effect

Elimination Diet 

  • Dr Axe - I don’t always agree with what he has to say, but his elimination diet info is consistent.
  • Precision Nutrition - A bit of info from the program in which I’m receiving my nutrition certification.
  • Mind Body Green - I enjoy a lot of their content. Might find some relevant stuff here.

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