5/31/19 - Introduction To Paleo

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Washing Produce

See some helpful links below. I couldn’t find any information that told me vinegar + food-grade peroxide is best. A lot of these sites say vinegar + salt or just salt are the best solutions (no pun intended). For me, I like the idea of a vinegar + salt solution for leafy greens. I try to buy organic as much as possible and running water over veggies with a good scrub seems to suffice for us. We have a purifier below our kitchen sink, so we aren’t adding any water chemicals in our rinse.  If I buy anything conventional, I think I may start using a little vinegar spray bottle nearby… I like that idea!

  • Nutritionfacts.org - a website I trust… they state that a soak in a 5% (high potency) vinegar (not diluted) takes a lot of the chemicals off. However, that’s a lot of vinegar if you’re using a lot of produce. They also state a 10% salt water soak would achieve similar results.
  • WellnessMama - Some of her content is a little over the top, but I like a lot of what she says.
  • Goodhousekeeping - another (somewhat) reliable source.



  • Paleo Nachos - This recipe from Against All Grain looks so good for the cheese sauce. I’ve made a similar sauce with almond milk, veggie stock & nutritional yeast. This recipe also mirrors what I’ve made in the past. Either looks like a good option to pair with some Siete tortilla chips + ground beef or turkey!
  • Paleo Buns
  • Local Roots - The new “Boochyard” in Vista!
  • Oils converting To Trans Fats - I found this excerpt from Pubmed that says there are no significant changes in transfats with overheating of canola oil. I was able to find a second article, but had a hard time fully interpreting it… maybe you can do better!

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