6/19/19 - Chef Lesson 3 - Stovetop Cooking

Lesson Materials 


  • All Clad Sale - Register for emails from this website to stay updated on their sales! Fantastic prices on All Clad!
  • Lodge Cast Iron - 3-in-1 Pot/Skillet/Dutch Oven!
  • Saute Pan vs Skillet - Great article explaining the differences between the two
  • Seasoning the Cast Iron - There is so much conflicting information out there, it’s almost comical. I liked this article most out of the ones I read. It gives a good technique for the initial seasoning and largely mirrors how I treat my cast iron.  
  • On Canola Oil
    • Non-fear mongering info from Healthline
    • Dr. Weil offers some good, even-keeled info too. He addresses organic canola oil use at the end. The spectrum product I buy and use (infrequently) is Spectrum, NonGMO Verified
  • On Grapeseed Oil:
    • Omega 3 vs Omega 6 ratios
    • Here is a PubMed article that feels somewhat in favor, but also inconclusive. I found articles both for and against its use. As Julianna said, everyone has an opinion. Personally, I will likely keep my rotation of Extra Virgin Olive Oil for roasting and lower heat stovetop cooking along with expeller/cold pressed avocado oil and grapeseed oil in alternating rotation.
  • Shallot vs Onion