6-29-19 | Knife Skills

Class Materials 


  • Honing Steel - Keep your knife edge “true” between sharpenings.
  • Avocado Tool - No fear, no avocado hand!
  • Whetstone - This one is the same grit I use (400/1000). As I mentioned, this one also comes with an angle guide to help you achieve the correct angle for your blade!
  • Bench/Bowl Scrape - This one is simple plastic like we used in class. 
  • Videos - I found a couple videos that mirror a couple of the more complicated things we reviewed in class. Hope these help as a future resource!
  • The Chef Show - This is the show Jimmy & I were talking about. Such a good vibe for a cooking show!
  • Recommended Knives:
  • Definitely visit a kitchen store that sells knives to get a feel for a good length, weight and style for yourself. It’s largely about personal preference when it comes to choosing a knife! I actually just stumbled upon this store down in Miramar area. Has great reviews and looks like a ton of knives to check out!
  • Wusthof - This is the knife I currently use the most in my rotation. I like the bulk of it, but it can weigh heavy on the wrist after a while. 
  • Shun - This is my newest knife with the dimples I showed you. Great for veggies! I also have the Premier 8” Chef’s Knife because I wanted a lightweight, all-purpose knife to switch things up from my Wusthof.
  • Other great brands: Mac, Global, Korin
  • Something unique - Almazan makes super cool tools… I really want one to add to our camping kitchen!
  • JB Prince - For professional kitchen gear. Their only store is in NYC, but you can order online. I like to browse their gear for fun and then buy the more practical versions on Amazon.

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