7-27-19 | Knife Skills

Class Materials 



  • Honing Steel - Keep your knife edge “true” between sharpenings.
  • Avocado Tool - Never worry about avocado-handing yourself!
  • Whetstone - This one is the same grit I use (400/1000). If you’re interested in D-I-Ying, this one also comes with an angle guide to help you achieve the correct angle for your blade!
  • Hand Sharpener - This is the little guy I use
  • Bench/Bowl Scrape - This one is simple plastic like we used in class. 
  • Y-Peeler - The peelers we used yesterday

Technique Videos


  • The Chef Show - This is the show I was talking about with Jon Favreau!
  • Eco Minded Solutions (Landscaper) - These are the guys that helped us design and create our backyard. We experienced pros and cons with this crew, with a couple hiccups along the way, but by and large, we were happy with their work. If you need a smaller project done, we use Jose Paz (works for Eco Minded but does side jobs) and his small crew of guys. You can reach him at 760-877-0598, just let him know Carl Smith referred you or we would be happy to make an introduction.
  • Knife Merchant - An interesting looking knife shop I found in your area that does sharpenings!

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