9-27-19 | Knife Skills

Class Materials 



  • Honing Steel - Keep your knife edge “true” between sharpenings.

  • Avocado Tool - If I could be sponsored by a product, it should be this one.

  • Whetstone - This one is the same grit I use (400/1000). If you’re interested in D-I-Ying, this one also comes with an angle guide to help you achieve the correct angle for your blade!

  • Hand Sharpener - This is the little guy I use.

  • Onion Goggles - And when you’re not using them for onions, you can wear them while riding a motorcycle!

Technique Videos


  • Our Home - Off market, but available!! If you know anyone looking for a home in the area, please pass it along (for a referral, we will gift you all the LoveSacs)!!

  • Orange Kitchen Edibles - If you guys are interested in CBD or THC products to make your own edibles, I’d be happy to drop off some free samples of our infused coconut oils and butter (traditional, ghee, vegan). 

  • Handyman - Our handyman, Scott, helped us build so many customized components in our home. If you reach out to him, let him know Carl & Kristin Smith referred you!

  • Macramama - This is the woman that made our custom curtain for the TV room. She has an Etsy shop but also does commissioned stuff!

  • Garden/Compost Specialist - Knowing you’re into the gardening stuff, you should connect with our friend Ron McCord (Mccordre@gmail.com). He is a master composter and got us up-and-running with our worm bins and compost. He knows everything about gardening! 

  • Purple Carrot - I forgot to mention this last night, but this is a really great meal kit service. They’re totally vegan and have a lot of GF options available. The recipes are really good and don’t rely very heavily on soy, which I appreciate. If you’re interested in trying it out, I’d be happy to send over a free box for you and Jamie to make for yourselves!

  • The Chef Show - This is the show I was talking about with Jon Favreau!

  • Chef’s Table - The first seasons are a bit more on the side of art and high-end cuisine, but the more recent seasons highlight some amazing, scrappy chefs!

  • Low FODMAP Diet - This is a little info about the Low FODMAP diet I was talking about. Monash is a great resource. I don’t have IBS, but I did have SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, ew). This diet coupled with a holistic antibiotic fixed me up!

  • Bastyr University Clinic - I get so stoked talking to people with experiences like Jamie’s (even though they’re born out of places of suffering). Bastyr is a great back pocket resource for navigating health issues that you’d like to treat holistically.

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