Private Cooking Class - FAQs

What is the different between a public class and private class?

Good question. Public classes are published and advertised, anyone can reserve a spot in a class if it's available. Private classes are not disclosed to the public, it's an "invite only" guest list. Private classes have a customized agenda, menu, date, and time.

Is there a minimum/maximum # of participants for a private class?

Typically yes, we typically have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6. However, let us know what you are thinking. For example we might be able to accommodate a larger group in the spring and summer utilizing our outdoor space. If you want a smaller more intimate group, that's possible too but there may be a surcharge. Let's brainstorm, we'll figure something out! 

Can you bring kids to a Private Class?

Yes of course, a regular private class can have a mix of adults and kids. It's all about creating the best possible experience for the audience type and age range. Depending on the mix, we can create a blended age-appropriate agenda and menu. We offer a kids-themed private class too. 

Can non-participants of the cooking class join a private event?

Sure, let's discuss. For Private Kids Classes, parents that aren't participating usually hangout in our outdoor space and then join the kids for a meal or treats (depending on the class) afterwards. We ask for a total headcount so we can properly plan for ingredients and grocery shopping.

What types of themes are offered in a Private Class?

You can review our public classes and pick a theme or we can mash-up two classes (for example if you want to learn some knife skills AND make fresh gluten free pasta). If you have a specific theme in mind, reach out and lets brainstorm on it.

Do you offer private events that include cooking classes?

Ahhh, yes! We do get requests to host private events that include cooking classes as the main activity. Mostly in the summer, we can offer a more extended stay, upgrading the cooking class to include a "day pass". Everyone will be able to hangout before/after the class. We have a nice outdoor space that includes a patio, kitchen, pool, spa, bocce court, games, vegetable garden, and greenhouse. We host local families/friends, travelers, and company's for retreats. Share your idea, we'll collaborate to make something fun and special. 

What is the location of the Private Class?

All private cooking classes are held in Chef Kristin’s private kitchen (home business in a residential location).

  • 2493 San Clemente Ave Vista, CA 92084

Where should we park?

There is always plenty of street parking but feel free to pull right into our driveway.

Who is the class instructor?

Classes are lead by the owner, Chef Kristin Smith

What should I wear to class?

Dress casual! You will be standing most of the time, so clothes and shoes that are comfortable are best. We will provide an apron for you to wear.

How long is class?

Most classes are ~3 hours.

Do we eat what we cook? Bring left-overs home?

Of course, many classes will end with a sit-down meal with everything you’ve prepared. Others may not have a sit-down meal but instead you will be given boxes to divide and take home the food or treats you made (for example baking classes or meal prep classes). 

What if I have a dietary restriction or allergy?

All good! Most of our classes are centered around dietary restrictions. When we are customizing the class, we'll capture any restrictions or allergies. While we are as cautious as possible with allergies and sensitivities, we cannot guarantee cross contamination will not occur (had to say it ... you know the deal).

Will we have a chance to take photos?

Yes! We will be taking some action shots while you cook and a group class photo. We also recently added a food photography area to the kitchen so you can take that Insta-ready photo of the final meal you cooked ... props, lighting and all We will share all photos within our post-class follow-up (including recipes, etc.). We'll also have a class hashtag on social media that everyone can post to.