Jr. Chef Lessons
Jr. Chef Lessons
Jr. Chef Lessons
Jr. Chef Lessons
Jr. Chef Lessons
Jr. Chef Lessons
Jr. Chef Lessons

Jr. Chef Lessons

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Our "Learn To Cook" series is a hands-on educational culinary program for kids. It includes (5) Jr. Chef lessons rarely offered outside of formal culinary school (which typically costs ~$25k and requires full-time commitment over 6 months). This series is appropriate for all levels of kids, they will learn advanced cooking skills and techniques from a trained culinary chef. Whether they're destined to become cookbook writers, executive chefs or masterful home cooks, these advanced skills will be an important part of their toolkit. Kids will transform into expert Jr. Chefs for only $625 and a 15 hour time commitment. We will provide age-appropriate gear (apron, step stools, nylon knives, etc.).

  • Open enrollment for summer program June-July 2019.
  • (5) Jr. Chef lessons, weekday sessions (all in a week or weekly sessions)
  • Intimate group with a max of 6 kids.

Jr. Chef Lessons Included

1) Knife Skills | Basic knife skills, kitchen safety, how to hold a knife, bear claw, creating a stable cutting surface, and all the fundamental knife cuts. Kids will practice basic cuts on a variety of fruits and veggies, then use their cuttings to build a healthy and creative meal. 

  • Appetizer: Vietnamese Summer Rolls w/ Dipping Sauce
  • Meal: Sausage, Garlic & Onion Frittata | Roast Veggie, Fruit, Nut and/or Grain Salad with a Vinaigrette
  • Dessert: Mini Fruit Cobblers

    2) Recipes & Ingredients | Basic components of cooking, including planning, recipes, and ingredients. Jr. Chefs will learn how to read a recipe, how to prep for cooking (what chef's call "mise en place"), importance of good ingredients, how to identify ingredients (food groups, names, labels, picking produce), making substitutions for unhealthy ingredients, basic storage guidelines for ingredients in pantry and refrigerator, and even how to hide nutritional veggies in a meal without tasting them! This lesson will inspire Jr. Chefs to make their own meals, demonstrate the ease of eating healthy, and show them how to better assist at the grocery store and in the kitchen at home.

    • Appetizer: Buffalo Cauliflower Bites 
    • Meal: Veggie Mac & Cheese | Sloppy Joe Skins
    • Dessert: Berry Power Smoothy/Milkshake 

    3) Baking | This lesson starts with reviewing recipes and learning the proper ways of organizing and measuring common wet and dry baking ingredients such as eggs, baking powder, baking soda, butter, xanthan/guar gum, starches, and salt. Jr. Chefs will be introduced to how to make healthier replacements in baking with sweeteners, flours (whole wheat vs white vs GF), dairy, egg replacements, and superfoods. They'll also learn about baking techniques including measuring, creaming, leveling, piping, separating eggs, sifting, creating pie dough from scratch, working with puff pastry, whipping cream and more. We'll even get into some chef tricks for getting vegetables/fruits into sweet treats (avocado, black beans, dates, sweet potato, etc).

    • Tastings: Cinnamon Rolls w/ Frosting | Elephant Ear Cookies | Zucchini or Carrot | Cake Muffins | Chocolate or Red Velvet Cake w/ Frosting 

    4) Stovetop Cooking | Learning to safely saute, boil, poach, steam, puree, caramelize, toast, simmer, sear and deglaze. This lesson also introduces Jr. Chefs to new kitchen equipment and teaches them how to make a simple pan sauce and how to use thickening agents.

    • Meal: Herbed Chicken Breast w/ Caramelized Onions | Buttery Mashed Potatoes | Lemony Herb Haricot Vert 
    • Dessert: Poached Seasonal Fruit w/ Toasted Nuts

    5) Advanced Techniques | Learning about grains, making a risotto, dredging, breading, fry/pan fry, and broiling. Jr. Chefs will also be introduced to slow cooking methods and how to use a double boiler to make the perfect molten lava cakes. 

    • Meal: Seasonal Risotto | Eggplant Parmasean | Instant Pot Chicken or Beef
    • Dessert: Molten Lava Cakes w/ Vanilla Ice Cream