Learn To Cook 3 (Baking)
Learn To Cook 3 (Baking)
Learn To Cook 3 (Baking)

Learn To Cook 3 (Baking)

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This lesson is part of a kids "Jr. Chef" Learn To Cook series that offers a hands-on education to more advanced culinary skills and techniques for the aspirational Jr. Chef. For a more intermediate alternative we offer a kids "Fundamentals" cooking class series that focuses on an introduction to cooking within a more casual fun agenda.    

This Jr. Chef Lesson will focus on Baking, starting with reviewing recipes and learning the proper ways of organizing and measuring common wet and dry baking ingredients such as eggs, baking powder, baking soda, butter, xanthan/guar gum, starches, and salt. Jr. Chefs will be introduced to how to make healthier replacements in baking with sweeteners, flours (whole wheat vs white vs GF), dairy, egg replacements, and superfoods. They'll also learn about baking techniques including measuring, creaming, leveling, piping, separating eggs, sifting, creating pie dough from scratch, working with puff pastry, whipping cream and more. We'll even get into some chef tricks for getting vegetables/fruits into sweet treats (avocado, black beans, dates, sweet potato, etc).

Baking is fun, rewarding and deliciously sweet, but it can also be tricky! With all the exact measuring, precise ingredients and specific order of steps, there's always something that can throw off the final results. Sometimes it can feel like a science experiment! By the end of this lesson, Jr. Chefs will be able to execute a baking recipe with confidence and make healthful substitutes with equally delicious outcomes for friends and family with sensitivities!

  • Each lesson is 3 hours with 2-6 kids (minimum 6 years old).
  • Kids 10 years old and under requires a parent to remain onsite.
  • Food Allergies? Leave us a note (in cart) we'll do our best to accommodate.
  • Weekday Class? Custom Date? Email Us.
  • Do you have 4+ kids in your group? Reserve a Private Jr. Chef Lesson.


    • Veggie Platter w/ Crackers and Hummus (provided by Orange Kitchen)

    Baking Treats

    • Cinnamon Rolls w/ Frosting 
    • Elephant Ear Cookies 
    • Zucchini or Carrot Cake Muffins 
    • Chocolate or Red Velvet Cake w/ Frosting