Learn To Cook 4 (Slow Cooking)
Learn To Cook 4 (Slow Cooking)
Learn To Cook 4 (Slow Cooking)
Learn To Cook 4 (Slow Cooking)

Learn To Cook 4 (Slow Cooking)

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This chef lesson is part of an adult "Learn To Cook" series. Hands-on education, for all levels of home chefs, without the cost of culinary school! 

This chef lesson focuses on the techniques of slow cooking, including how to braise, stew, and pressure cook with magical kitchen equipment like an instant pot and pressures cooker. A slow cooked meal always stands out, reaping the benefits of a long cooking time allowing flavors to deepen and meld together. In this lesson you'll also learn how a properly seasoned cast iron and dutch oven can be your best friend in the kitchen. Pus learn the components of simple salad dressings & the fundamentals of building pastry dough.

  • Each lesson is 3 hours with 2-8 people.
  • Food Allergies? Leave us a note (in cart) we'll do our best to accommodate. 
  • Do you have 4+ adults in your group? Reserve a Private Chef Lesson.
  • Not appropriate for Kids, check out Jr. Chef lessons.
  • Weekday Class? Custom Date? Email Us.


  • Braised Chicken or Beef
  • Celery Root/Parsnip/Potato/Turnip Puree 
  • Seasonal Salad w/ Dressing
  • Tarte Tatin